Harris & Company Management

Harris & Company Management is RAS’s personal project which he handles up close. These projects consist of any area of expertise which Mr. Harris has profitable knowledge and experience in. Interestingly these projects range from music artist management to political campaigns.

Realtor KeMesha Hall


Realtor KeMesha Hall is an up-incoming real estate agent in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas. After being the business (multiple facets of it) for over ten years she decided to take her experience and brand herself.

Harris & Company is in charged of all her branding and media campaign.





Council Member Chris Lane of LaMarque, Texas

Chris Lane

Christopher Lane is a council member in the City of LaMarque, Texas. The city houses around 14,500 Texans give or take. Chris is a second term council member beating an incumbent by one vote in his first term campaign. Chris got the name “Landslide Lane” with his party in the surrounding area because of this narrow victory. The mockery turned to be prophetic after Chris won his second campaign by 90% over his opponent.

Harris & Company partnered with Chris on both of these campaign and continues to act as Chris’ media advisor.

Jet Leak

Jet LeakMalik Winfrey aka Jet Leak is a rising young Hip Hop artist from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Jet Leak is a second generation musician taking after his, Germain Winfrey, drummer for the long standing jazz band, “My Brother’s Keeper”. JL has one mixtape being streamed and has already been patronized by Interscope Records.

Jet Leak is currently under an management deal with Harris and Company.