Delbert R. Harris

20140511_144632045_iOS I trade….stocks, equities, crypto, baseball, basketball, football cards, marbles, sneakers, anything we are willing to put value on. My motto is “if it ain’t blood in it, it’s for sell”.

Looking like this you would think I work for a financial firm located somewhere in downtown of my city, and I took my glasses off to take this photo….Not. I was a Christian Hip Hop artist in my previous life and I got feed up with money problems.

I have degree in Political Science, and in my dream world I would be lawyer. But I decided to put my kids educations before mine and we all needed support. If you in the workforce you doing one of three things. You are producing a product or service,  you are managing one, or you selling. I’m a great producer, a so so manager, and not a salesmen.

Attempting to produce for others I had problems. They always felt their ideas were better than mine. That’s fair if it’s your dime footing the bill. Management is filled with cuts throats who mastered the art of either impressing the boss, or kissing his anus. I’m not good at either of those. I can’t knock a good salesman. I just never mastered the art.

As an entrepreneur I got tried of trying to come with products or services other people may like, want, or need. Then a year later someone else out does you, or technology plays you out as the old way. I started trading stock for a couple of simple but good reasons.

  1. The product is the money and you can see it being made or lost everyday. No presentation or middle men necessary.
  2. Behind a computer on an exchange no one cares what color I am, if I smile in the morning, or what kind of mouthwash I use. It’s just me, numbers, and charts.        And finally…..
  3. The market have been here as long as the country has been established. It ain’t going nowhere, and it’s usually what drives everybody else’s job or business.

It wasn’t a cake walk but I became good at what I do. I love it and it gives me freedom. One more motto from me. “You will never become who you truly are, or meant to be, until you find freedom”. I am Delbert R. Harris. My friends call me “RAS”. I am the alias “5ft Mogul”.